About This Site

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the website New European Conservative is to present what we believe are the necessary texts and resources for a proper introduction to the thought of European Cultural Conservatism, Revolutionary Conservatism or Revolutionary Traditionalism,  the European New Right, Identitarianism, and Neo-Eurasianism.

This movement of European Revolutionary Conservatism works towards the awakening and spiritual regeneration of European peoples, European-derived peoples outside of Europe, and sympathetic non-European peoples in the face of the present challenges. We oppose the following developments in today’s world: the Western liberal and egalitarian ideological hegemony; the massive, unrestricted influx of cultural foreigners as immigrants; the disintegration of ethno-cultural identities; the cultural chaos and degradation; the loss of the sense of Tradition; desacralisation and the decline of spirituality; the decline or weakening of organic community (holism) and the rise of individualism in modern society; the social and economic problems caused by the domination of the capitalist system; and the crisis of democracy in modern polities. For all people, the texts on this website serve to provide solid and trustworthy intellectual foundations for opposition to the destructive ideologies of Western-style liberalism, universalism, “multiculturalism,” egalitarianism, and globalisation.

Our vision is founded on the following values and objectives: the idea of respect for ethno-cultural differences and the rights of the peoples (right to difference, right to territory, etc.); the idea of differentialism (in terms of gender, race, ethnos, culture) as opposed to chauvinism; the restoration of spirituality, mysticism, and the sense of the Sacred; the resurrection of Tradition and its reconciliation with what is positive in modern progress (Revolutionary Conservative socio-cultural order); the restoration of the proper cultural order and stability (inter-cultural dialogue reconciled with cultural particularism); the reaffirmation of social holism and the return of the organic community; the establishment of an economy in the service of the people; and the establishment of organic democratic systems (true democracy reconciled with traditional political and social values). We also support cooperation with similar movements among non-Europeans (meaning, all peoples of the world) to achieve a Multipolar, Identitarian world order.

About the Documents and Texts on this Website:

First, we should note to our readers that many texts here present a variety of philosophical or ideological perspectives, and therefore often do not perfectly match our own perspective. These are all presented because to build up a solid philosophical foundation and gain a broader understanding of things, it is necessary to study a variety of interpretations and philosophies. However, the worldview which we represent and advocate is the one briefly described above and is best represented by the list of texts at the bottom of this page.

Each individual text posted on this website includes a citation of the original source at the bottom. The majority of the texts posted directly on this site are in the English language, although on related pages notes are often made of articles or books available in other languages (German, Italian, French, Russian, etc.). We also have a special page for collecting important Spanish language works (“La Nueva Derecha Europea en Español”).

Please use the Site Guide to find and read all of the various works posted on the website.

If you have any comments or questions for us, refer to the contact page.

For those of our audience who have little or no familiarity with the type of thought expressed on this website, we recommend beginning by reading the “Manifesto of the New Right” by Alain de Benoist & Charles Champetier (for further reading of print books, see the list of translated works by Benoist mentioned after the Manifesto under “Further Reading”).

Other essential articles on the site include the following:

“Ten Theses on Democracy” by Alain de Benoist

“Democracy Revisited: The Ancients and the Moderns” by Alain de Benoist

“The Idea of Empire” by Alain de Benoist

“A Critique of Liberal Ideology” by Alain de Benoist

“Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft: A Sociological View of the Decay of Modern Society” by Alain de Benoist and Tomislav Sunic

“What is Racism?” by Alain de Benoist

“Identity and Difference” by Alain de Benoist

“Immigration: The Reserve Army of Capital” by Alain de Benoist

“A Global Village or the Rights of the Peoples?” by Tomislav Sunic

“The Fourth Political Theory: An Interview with John Morgan by Natella Speranskaya”

“Civilization as Political Concept” (interview) by Alexander Dugin

“Types of Conservatism” by Alexander Dugin

“Main Principles of Eurasist Policy” by Alexander Dugin

“Multipolarism as an Open Project” by Alexander Dugin

“The Multipolar World and the Postmodern” by Alexander Dugin

“Establish a Multipolar World Order” (interview) by Leonid Savin

“The West Against Europe” by Tomislav Sunic

“Excerpts from The Sacred and the Profane” by Mircea Eliade

“The New Paradigm of Science” by Alexander Dugin



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    God bless you for this work you have done!

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