Interview with Tulaev – Devenir

Interview with Pavel Tulaev for «Devenir»


1. Pavel Tulaev, first a general question: the world of Russian nationalists seems totally obscure for a majority of us. It’s the same thing for the publications you are editing. What is the present situation for the nationalist forces and what is the place occupied by Athenaeum?

First of all I would like to thank you, Jean Francois, for this good opportunity to express my views on the pages of “DEVENIR”, the magazine I knew after your visit to Russia. In the latest issue of the ATHENAEUM I published an info on our meeting in Moscow and a translation of your article “Ce que nous ne voulons plus”. I hope it will help our readers to know more about situation in your region.

Russian nationalist movement has a very rich and long history. It was growing with the Russian Empire and came to the critical point in the civil war after the Bolshevick Revolution. Modern Russian nationalists are the followers of the White Army which opposed the Communist International. Of course today our movement has new ideas and contemporary strategy, but the fundament is the same. We fight for White ideals, aristocratic and traditional values. There are many nationalist parties, editions and institutions in today’s Russia including the President Putin’s circle, but I cannot describe them in this shirt interview.

Our ATHENAEUM is not a nationalist magazine. It is a white, panaryan, paneuropean and panslavic review in Russian language. We do our best to rise our mentality and publications to the world level.

2. « To touch the persons worried for our culture and to contribute to the formation of the elites of the future »…This definition, given by the association Synergies Européennes, reflects a very ambitious program for Athenaeum. Could you describe your editorial project and what has been achieved since the beginning of the parutions ?

Yes, we are maximalists. We want to be the leaders in our deal. And we are leaders. ATHENAEM is the best racial new right magazine in Russia. We have readers and friends in more then 20 countries, from Europe to South Africa and Chile. Our team that published before the review “NASLEDIJE PREDKOV’ (HERITAGE OF ANCESTORS) is not big but strong enough. Anatoly Ivanov, the head of Moscow Synergie deparment, is a very experience and well educated man, he works in 8 European languages. Vladimir Avdeyev is a talented writer who takes care of raciology and genetics. Serguey Yashin is a genius of Nordic poetry. I am a professional linguist and historian, author of more than 100 publications on Russia, Europe and Americas. Besides we invite specialists from the field we need. Our circle is growing and becoming more powerful.

In the ideology our “ATHENAEUM” does not imitate any of the anterior schools. We are conscious that returning to old religions and myths in their archaic forms is impossible in our age. However, it is desirable to continue this classical heritage. Tackling the problems of the contemporary world, we touch upon a wide range of topics dealing with science and technology, history and racial studies, religion and aesthetics, economics and politics, international relations, and the art of war. In our journal, one can find materials of the most divers genres: analytical forecasts, strategic researches, academic articles, literary essays, book and CD reviews.

I give you the content of #1 and #2 in French so you could have the idea what do we publish in concrete.

3. Beyond the fact that Athenaeum wants to cover all aspects of the knowledge necessary to apprehend the contemporary problems, it is obvious that the notion of race as well as the essential place of Russia in an authentic Europa are central themas of the publication…

Yes, racial problems are one of the very important in our programme. And please take to your consideration that race is not only the colour. We are not the party of blondies. Race means quality first of all. Good genetics, healthy way of life, family, strength and leadership – that is our aim.

Our geopolitical strategy is based on the obvious fact that Russia was, is and always will be the biggest European country. By our race, language, roots and civilization we are Europeans in spite of the communist dictatorship in the XX century.

4. The latest figures about Russian demography are catastrophic. In the coming decades, Russia is at risk of losing tens of millions of people by the simple and terrifying mechanism of a negative natural balance. Do you think that your articles about the importance of preserving the Russian ethno-cultural substract have a chance to be read and convert in political action ? And what are the causes of the decline in births combined with a rising number of deaths ?

The statistics of the demographical catastrophe in Russia is well known by specialists and politics. Every year our nationality is becoming 1,5 millions less. What are the main reasons of it?

The first is so called ‘communist heritage”. Bolshevik Revolution destroyed the institutes of family, property and country life. Millions of people died in wars and ‘labour camps’. Social hierarchy was eliminated and genetics was damaged.

Another one is modern standard of leaving, known as ‘consuming society’. Young men are working for money, comfort and empty life. Women don’t want to be isolated in the family. They want to be independent, to have their our business and personal interests. Many of families want to have only one or two babies and some don’t want children at all.

A big problem for Russia is new pauperization. Before Eltzin’s liberal reforms we were not rich, but there were no such contrasts as we have now. How can you hold a family if your salary is about two o even one hundred dollars?

The demographical situation can be changed only by revolutionary methods. This time we need genetic and eugenic revolution.

ATHENAEUM pays very much attention to this matter. The result is that we have some political support in nationalist parties and skinhead movement.

5. It’s become an habitude in rightist circles to speak about geopolitics on each line of every article. But for Russia, which is imperial by nature and history, it’s not a « fashion » word. Geopolitics is essential. What kind of status would you like to see for your country : the single C.I.S. ? A new Soviet Union ? A part of a mythical Eurosiberia ? Or simply a Russia in accordance to his precommunist imperial past ?

Geopolitics is very popular in today’s Russia. I should say that it’s kind of fashion. Every alternative you have mentioned has it’s own supporters in our country. To my opinion Russia must be a strong national state inside the frontiers of Slavic part of ex-impire. Russians compose more than 80% of the hole population of our state now, so we don’t need any “multi-culty’ version. Other Europeans and White people are our allies in the world struggle against liberal degradation.

6. An islamic party, which has 600,000 members has been founded at the beginning of 2001 in Russia. It’s the first time that muslims want to, deeply and so openly, influence the future of Russia since the great Tatar invasions. It happens at a time where you are confronting the Chechen fighters and the Ben Laden’s volunteers.

Islamic expansion has always been dangerous not only to Russia, but to the hole Europe. In the Middle Ages Muslim world surrounded white nations. The specific point of today’s situation is that NATO and other globalists provoke Islamic attacks for distabilization of European life. I am sure that Chechen war and new Afghanistan crisis were planed and calculated overseas.

7. When this interview will be published, the war between Anglo-saxon forces and Islamic fighters will certainly be a reality in Afghanistan and perhaps the neighbouring countries. What is your feeling about first the menace of radical Islam and secondly the intrusion of America on the Central Asian scene?

I feel that this war will take long time. It’s not easy to convert Muslims into Christians and to make Europeans from Asians. That is why we raise our Aryan heritage. It should help us to oppose Islamic invasion in the South East. American activity in the central Asia can provoke a big war in the heart of Eurasia. It is very dangerous. In this situation the role of Russian army is becoming super important. Nowadays European security depends on our White Warriors as in was in the period of anti-Turkish alliance.

8. Russia enjoys an unbelievable level of freedom of speech compared with the West European countries. The « ethnic » reference in Belgium for instance is considered almost as an abomination. Our politicians have only one political vision: multiculturalism. Where does come this specific freedom from? A compensation for 70-year of bolchevism ?

Today’s Russia enjoys much more freedom than modern western countries do. My correspondents from “occupied territories” prove that many items we discuss in our ATHENAEUM are “tabu’ for them. Freedom of speech is one of the achievements of the post-communist era. I agree that it’s a kind compensation for 70-year of dictature. The problem is that this freedom came too late. What kind of liberty can realize a person who was ignorant yesterday and is a semi-informed poor man today? The majority of modern people don’t want to analyze the tragedy of the Bolshevik Revolution, the real reasons of World War II and so called “perestroika’. They don’t want to read and to think at all. But there are always some strong, brave and educated leaders who live and fight for the truth. We work for them.

Pavel Tulaev, a great thank for your answers.



Tulaev, Pavel. “Interview for ‘Devenir’.” Официальный сайт: Тулаев Павел Владимирович [Official Website of Pavel Vladimirovich Tulaev], < >.



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